Christine Pion

Animal communication has become obvious to me after a long and rich personal and professional journey that has led me to work deeper on the quality of listening and the availability to others, on emotions and feelings, on the authenticity of oneself and with others.

Driven by a very close proximity and a deep understanding of the animal, as well as a real desire to help solve problems, I am strongly involved in each communication.

I also attach great importance to ensuring that the relationship that binds me with those responsible for the animal is based on trust and sharing, in a caring and warm, professional and rigorous environment.

My experience of over 160 connected animals – living in Switzerland, France, Ukraine, Canada and the United States – and over 300 hours of communication is at your service.

I work first and foremost with the heart and my greatest joy lies in the animal’s full development and in improving its relationships with humans. I only perform this service at the request of an official animal keeper.


In order to remain as relevant as possible, I place myself in a dynamic of regular training, in areas complementary to animal communication, relating in particular to the less familiar species of our households.

Diploma in Animal Communication from the Animauxcom-Homeboy Formation® Institute by Valérie Lebon, obtained in 2020 after 2 years of study carried out in Switzerland and practical cases carried out with animals located in different countries.

Certificate of competence in Ethology and well-being of companion animals from Animal University and the University of Nanterre Paris X, obtained in France in 2020. Theoretical and practical training.

Course by Julien Regamey on the Knowledge of reptiles and rodents at Monde du Chat in Aubonne in Switzerland, in 2019.

Introductory course in Falconry at Jacques-Olivier Travers' "Les Aigles du Léman" animal park, in Sciez, France, in 2015. Theory and practice with birds of prey.