Olga K. – Switzerland

Christine has an amazing ability to read the minds of the animals and helped us a lot during the rehabilitation period of our cat after the surgery. She told us things that were impossible to know for someone who does not belong to our family, which left us with no doubts that this was our cat talking to her. Thanks to her we managed to shorten his time for recovery and make it more comfortable, as we knew what makes him feel good. I highly recommend Christine for anyone who want to understand their pet’s needs better, establish deep relationships or help them to get through difficult time easier”.

Kazuko Y. – Switzerland

Very interesting analyze, Christine had never seen us but her description about my cat and his environment were very precise.  After consulting, I could know what my cat thought more deeply. I felt some behavior of him changed, too. Really nice and interesting experience 😃

Florence D.R. – Switzerland

Christine first communicated with our dog, Dusty in 2019. He was 11 at the time and we were curious what he had to tell us. The result exceeded our expectations, the information was clear and relevant! We later contacted him again on several occasions seeing that he appeared to be having difficulty breathing and muscle. The information communicated allowed us to relieve him and when the time came to say goodbye to him, our dog’s messages allowed us to make the right decision and to accompany him with dignity. Christine made a last communication a few months after her death, it was very moving and the process of mourning our dear companion was brought to a close. She has already communicated for the first time with our future little dog of 1 month and we will not fail to recontact Christine when necessary to ensure her arrival and a comfortable life in our home. Christine really has a gift and a very strong feeling with animals which makes her a high quality animal communicator. (Translated from French)

Steven S. – Switzerland

Christine was able to make a connection with our dog and elicit from him not only general information about his contentment and wellbeing, but very specific information about his medical problems that was helpful in addition to his vet treatment. Christine’s has incredible empathy and depth of feeling for all animals, which she draws on to help both pets and their owners.

Richard K. – Switzerland

Dear Christine, Thank you for your comprehensive feedback on Kira. We feel that we understand her better and have taken your recommendations on board. Since doing so we have noticed a positive change in her attitude towards other dogs which makes us happy. Many thanks again and keep up the wonderful work. Richard K.

Catherine T. -Switzerland

An incredible animal communication experience with Christine. I didn’t think it was possible that anyone could communicate like that with animals. Christine is a very professional person with excellent follow-up and very good advice. To recommend with eyes closed. (Translated from French)

Blaz H. – Switzerland

The experience with Ms. Christine Pion was very interesting and fun at the same time. By getting to know my husky Tala better, I was reassured following moments of doubts about his happiness and his adaptation to my rhythm of life. I was able to find out more about my dog, her character and thus better understand her needs both physically and mentally. This interview gave me a stronger connection between us and gave me confidence in my ability to provide her with a happy and healthy life. (Translated from French)

Floriane C. – Switzerland

I must have put my cat Gyzmo to sleep in 2007, I didn’t know animal communication at the time, which I regret as it would have helped Gyzmo and me. I recently reached out to Christine (who had already helped me a lot with other cats) to ask if it wasn’t too late to contact him in the afterlife. She confirmed to me that it was still possible, to my great joy, and that she would arrange to make a communication with him. A few days later, she called me to report it. She had managed to describe to me perfectly my little Gyzmo, his character, his place of life, and the result of this communication relieved me, because I had very badly lived his departure at the time. Having to put him to sleep at only 5½ years old had been a huge shock to me. It had been since 2007 (14 years) that I felt guilty for having offered him such a short and not very happy life (at least that’s what I thought). As I spoke with Christine, I felt more and more relieved and the words she told me about Gyzmo, that he was on a mission and was destined for a short life, took a load off me. huge and I’ve been feeling a lot better since then. Christine knew how to ask him the right questions, the ones I hadn’t necessarily thought about, asked him mine and conveyed my message, as well as Gyzmo’s, to me. It was a pleasure chatting with her on the phone, deciphering this communication, we laughed a lot, I understood a lot about Gyzmo and it was a great time and a kind of release for me. Thank you to Christine for her professionalism, her kindness, her investment and her availability. I am happy to know her and to know that I will always be able to contact her, if necessary, for communications with my two current little felines! (Translated from French)

Marie-Hélène G. – Switzerland

I warmly recommend Christine for her listening, her feelings and her professionalism! Her answers are precise, she communicates with great consideration and kindness and she does everything to ensure that the information she transmits is correct. (Translated from French)

Saho H. Switzerland

It was very interesting to be briefed about what my cat (Kafka) thought after she had a session. All the comments were good but the best part for me was; I felt very close to my cat. I was always feeling close but after hearing what my cat is thinking, wanting etc, I felt even more closer to him than ever. That was a wonderful experience.

Florence G. – France

I contacted Christine Pion for the behavior of my cat Fripouille. She is a very attentive and very conscientious person. Thanks to an in-depth analysis of his environment and our daily behavior, she enabled me to understand and communicate with my cat better. The result was amazing and very fast. Indeed, we have been more attentive to his needs and Fripouille has changed his behavior. No more peeing everywhere to mark his territory …. I highly recommend her and will not hesitate to use her services again. (Translated from French)

Émilie and Thibaut M. – Switzerland

We called on Christine on several occasions for our dog Dakar who had behavioral issues and Christine very quickly responded to our request. She gave us some ideas on how to make our dog feel good and I have to say that his behavior clearly improved after the communications with Christine. We thank her very much because she was able to transform our relationship with our dog for the better. (Translated from French)

Françoise C. – Switzerland

I found the experience enriching, it allowed me to understand the behavior of my cat and also her anxieties, and the Bach flowers were (and are still) accompanying in her case. (Translated from French)