Animal Communication

Animal communication comes down to interacting with the animal in a telepathic way in order to feel and understand their emotions and sensations. The information received can be through images, sounds, tastes, smells, but also all kinds of feelings.

Therefore, it is the role of the communicator tolisten” and perceive the message coming from the animal and then translate it into words. This complex and delicate work can only be done with great empathy, kindness, sensitivity and understanding for both the animal and those who care for it.

The objective of any communication is to improve the well-being of the animal and / or create greater harmony in its relationship with its guardian(s).

It can be called upon for behavioral problems, physical problems and more generally health problems, to get to know her/his animal better, to accompany animals at the end of their life or to pass messages to deceased animals.

Animal communication can involve both pets and wild animals. The quality of communication depends not only on the character of the animal, but also on its desire and its ability to communicate.

Please note that animal communication is not an exact science and in no way replaces a veterinary consultation.